Opportunities to engage with the OZS community extend beyond prayer and education.  As with all congregations, committees abound and the work to be done is plentiful.  At OZS we are able to achieve what we do because of a diverse community where each member shares her or his skills and talents in the kitchen, on the building, or around the town.

Social Action

This committee works independently and in coordination with God’s Pantry and other charitable organizations to provide assistance to the community. The Social Action Committee is currently participating in the following programs:

OZS Backpack Program with God’ Pantry
Gleaning with Faith Feeds
Food Sorting with God’s Pantry

For more information, check the bulletin or contact Dominique Olbert.

Social Groups

Whether or not you are a committed Mahjong player, chances are there is a social group at OZS to share a toast to a recent triumph or to stand by you when skies are gray.  In addition to the many informal groups, here are a few organized ones:

Sisterhood Women’s League
Youth Groups

Check the calendar for update activities or contact the office for more information.

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