Opportunities to engage with the OZS community extend beyond prayer and education.  As with all congregations, committees abound and the work to be done is plentiful.  At OZS we are able to achieve what we do because of a diverse community where each member shares her or his skills and talents in the kitchen, on the building, or around the town. Check the calendar for updated activities or contact the office for more information. 

Adult Education
Fosters Adult Education among the OZS community and welcomes members from the general community as well.  These include non-Jews.  Current programs include: Parsha Study, Talmud for Everyone, Exploring the Tanakh, Hevrutah Study, Talmud Study Group. 
Chairs:  Alice Goldstein, Sheila Jelen & Sarah Lowe

Building & Grounds
Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of our Synagogue building and grounds.
Chair: Mark Klar

Caring Committee
An opportunity to reach out to members of OZS who might need a little extra attention for any number of reasons, including illness or loss of a loved one. A call or card could make a huge difference in someone’s day. The committee also arranges meals, as needed.  Please contact the OZS office if you know someone in need.
Chair: Leanne Zimmerman

Chevra Kadisha & Shomrim
The Chevra Kadisha coordinates with local funeral homes and prepares the bodies of Jewish community members for burial according to Jewish ritual and custom. The Shomrim watch over the caskets of Jewish community members until the time of burial. This committee offers its services free of charge to any Jewish family in need in the Lexington area.
Chevra Kadisha Chairs: Ira Cooper, Sue Ezrine, Penina Goldstein
Shomrim Chairs: Mike Ades, Janice Crane

Sets general curriculum and policy for the Hebrew School and Religious School, works closely with the Education Director, and reviews the education budget.  Also helps with special holiday programming for families.
Chair: Tina Trent

Manages and builds the Ohavay Zion Congregation Perpetually Restricted Fund and endowments.
Chair: Art Shechet

Maintains and operates the two kosher kitchens in the synagogue.  Organizes and/or prepares weekly Saturday Kiddush luncheons.
Chair: Currently vacant

Maintains and circulates our books, documents, and memorabilia in both the adult and children’s libraries.
Chair: Larry Herman

Keeps in touch with Jewish families in the community not affiliated with any congregation, especially new families, with the view of inviting them to become members.  Helps new members become integrated into OZS life.
Chair: Kathy Grossman

Works closely with the Rabbi. Provides leadership on the bima when a rabbi is not present. Plans and coordinates all religious services throughout the year. Formulates rules and regulations for all religious services OZS offers (i.e. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, etc.).
Chairs: Jon Glixon Beth Goldstein

Women’s League Sisterhood
Ohavay Zion Synagogue Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is a dynamic organization that encourages and empowers the role women play in in our Synagogue through family, study, mitzvot, Torah, community, and Israel. The Women’s League International, Regional, and Local network is the voice of Conservative Judaism providing innovative programming, leadership, and networking opportunities to women.  Ohavay Zion Synagogue Women’s League provides and plans educational and social programming to our members and congregation, runs the Synagogue Gift Shop and produces the Directory/New Year Greeting Book. 
Chair: Carol Kaplan

Social Action
This committee works independently and in coordination with local charitable organizations to provide assistance to the community. The Social Action Committee is currently co-sponsoring refugee families through Kentucky Refugee Ministries and running the OZS Backpack Program to help feed local elementary school children through God’s Pantry. The Social Action Committee has also participated in city-wide LGBTQ focused events.
Chair: Currently Vacant

Youth Group – LEXUSY     
Youth Group is a way for all of our students at OZS to explore their Jewish identity and have a safe space among others their age. Activities happen each month during the school year, and they range from pure social activities to programs that make an impact in the Lexington community.
Advisor: Scooter Stein  


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