13 Ways to Help OZS

Looking for an easy way to help OZS, celebrate a special occasion or honor the memory of a loved one?
 Here are a few simple suggestions:

  Be a Shabbat Chai Sponsor ($18) for the wine & challah

  Sponsor a Kiddush lunch ($100)

  Help prepare a Kiddush lunch

  Sponsor a “Kid’s Shabbat” ($180)

  Purchase a Memorial Plaque for the sanctuary ($360)

  Purchase a leaf on the Tree of Life in the social hall ($75)

*   Purchase a new siddur or chumash ($72)

  Access Amazon thru the OZS website for on line shopping
FOLLOW THIS LINK to Amazon.com and shop ’til you drop’. OZS will receive a
minimum of 4% of your total purchase price. 

  Use your OZS Kroger’s card (…or get one if you don’t have one already.
They are available in the office.)   These cards act just like gift cards 
can be rechargedKroger donates 4% of the purchases to OZS.

  Sponsor a child for Religious School ($315) or Hebrew School ($250); Midrasha ($200) or Jewish College Prep ($80)

  Volunteer to read Torah or Haftarah; serve on a committee; help with a Social Action project

  Provide rides for an OZS member (call the office at 266-8050)

  Staff the OZS office on a Sunday morning

OZS values gifts of time, treasure and talent!

 Gifts of “treasure” may be made by contacting the OZS office or visiting the OZS website.

 Gifts of “time and talent” may be made by contacting Shirley Bryan – ozspresident@gmail.com

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