Founders, Rabbis, Presidents, Sisterhood Presidents, and Award Winners

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The handful of closely related families from Pushelot established a legacy in 1912 for those who followed.   The success of their effort is witnessed by the second, third and fourth generations of their families still on the rolls of Ohavay Zion.   It is our task now to strengthen this legacy and pass it on to our generations.   G-d grant that we will be as successful.








Complete List of Founders

David Ades
Max Ades
Jacob Alpern
 Morris Alpern
 Max Backer
 Morris Baker
 Phillip Gall
 S. Glick
 Sam Goldberg
 Harry Goller
 Joe Green
 Harry Greenfield
 Dan Grossman
 Hyman Grossman
 Nathan Grossman
 Ben Herman
 Nathan Herman
 Sam Herman
 L.J. Horne
 John Jacobs
 E. Kraus
B. Kravitz
 Beryl Kravitz
 Louis Kravitz
 N. Kravitz
 Robert Kravitz
 B. Levin
 Benjamin Levy
 Isadore Levy
 Joe Levy
 Abe Marks
 Max Munich
 J. Pearlman
 Joe Rosenberg
 Dave Shraberg
 H.Z. Schwartzman
 Harry Simon
 A. Stein
 Ben Wides
 Jacob Wides
 Morris Wides

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