OZS welcomes new members.

Our community is formed from a diverse group of people with a variety of backgrounds, levels of observance and interests. Together, we seek to create a warm, vibrant and welcoming congregation rooted in the ideals and values of the Jewish tradition. We are eager to help you feel part of this extended Jewish home.

Here at OZS, there are so many amazing ways to get involved: Fun social events for folks of all ages, engaging classes for adults and children, constructive community service programs, inspirational prayer services, and creative committees. Information for all these events can be found in our monthly bulletin and our weekly announcements.   So please join in, and we will celebrate our community together.

The dues for an annual family membership are $2,101 and for a single membership are $1,260 – payable monthly, quarterly, or at one time as the member prefers. There are people who pay more if they wish and are able, and there are people who pay less for financial reasons. Special arrangements can be made in a sensitive and confidential manner through our treasurer, Debbie Aminoff. All are very welcome as members.

Please contact the OZS Office further information.

Membership Application

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