Music plays a vital part in the life of OZS. We love to sing at all services, and have recently established a volunteer choir. By following the links on this page, you can find recordings, usually with text in Hebrew (with transliteration) or English, of the music for our services, including songs and nusach. Much of this is traditional, but you will also find some unusual items, or versions unique to OZS.

A member of the Ohavay Zion congregation, Rafi Finkel, has recorded a wide variety of items for services. They can be found at the following links:

For Friday evening and for Pesukey d’ Zimra:
For Holidays (including Rosh Hashana shacharit and musaf, Kol Nidrei, Yom Kippor musaf, and Geshem:

Chanting of Torah and other texts (including selected weekly torah passages, trope and selected torah for High Holidays, and trope and excerpts for Megillat Esther, Eykha, and Ruth):

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